OWA inbox not refreshing

OWA Inbox not refreshing

When your OWA inbox is not refreshing and new mails are not displayed automatically.
The mails are just displayed after a manual refresh of the inbox , or when you switch to another folder and back to inbox again.

This happens usually after being idle for some time in OWA.
Ok , this information is a starting point. We use ADFS servers in our environment.
ADFS provides cookies with expiry times to users and tokens with expiry times to relying application servers. ( in this case Exchange Servers ) .

First I open on the ADFS Server the Active Directory Module For Windows PowerShell :

ADFS PS - OWA inbox not refreshing

Since you aren’t logged off after a certain time there is no need to check the SSOLifetime under ADFS Properties.  Which is set to 12 hours in our environment. It is just the OWA inbox not refreshing.

It seems the session on application server level is timely limited and gets only alive after some manual interaction from user side.

So I check the relying party trust where I can see the cause for this behaviour :

Get-AdfsRelyingPartyTrust | select Identifier, Token* | fl

The TokenLifeTime for the Identifier which belongs to OWA is set to 60 ( in Minutes )

To raise the TokenLifeTime for OWA I use the following command :

Get-AdfsRelyingPartyTrust -Identifier “https://Your_OWA_URL/owa” | Set-AdfsRelyingPartyTrust -TokenLifetime 720

This raises the TokenLifeTime for the relying application URL ( in this case OWA ) to 12 hours or 720 minutes. The same LifeTime as the Cookie LifeTime for user sessions.

OWA inbox not refreshing problem solved !

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