OWA slow printing

OWA slow orinting

I really hope this will safe anyone who runs into this problem from spending money on a Microsoft Call.

OWA slow printing was noticed first by a customer with several branches after we moved him from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016. The branches are using OWA only and have a lower bandwidth than the headquarter. The problem occurs when they want to print an email it takes 1-2 minutes until the print dialog appears. The same action takes noticeable less time in the headquarters with a higher bandwidth.

One could use OWA Light , where the problem does not appear , but you just can print attachments there , not the email body.

Out there I did not find any documentation regarding a higher min. bandwidth requirement in Exchange 2016  for OWA related to printing. We could not reproduce the problem because our bandwidth is higher. So we opened a call by Microsoft and went through the normal procedure :

Session with customer > reproduce the problem > collecting fiddler and IIS logs > upload the collected data > analyses by Microsoft > nothing found > new session with customer > collecting fiddler logs > nothing found > several suggestions to try > problem still exists

The call reached the escalation team and we got another support engineer :

New session with customer > reproduce the problem > collecting Fiddler logs  > try the same suggestions as before > upload fiddler logs > analyses by Microsoft > nothing found in Fiddler logs > waiting for feedback

After a while ( and the already invested support hours ) we got answer from Microsoft that this behaviour is by Design and the only options are to raise bandwidth or use Outlook. Further we could initiate a DCR ( DesignChangeRequest ) which will be charged  but will be probably rejected.

After further escalation Microsoft checked the possibility of success of the DCR without charging for the verification and rejected it then.

I must admit that the people at Microsoft where friendly and tried. What we do not understand how it can take the spent amount of support hours ( and money )  while involving two support levels to get to the statement : by Design ( especially when you get the bill for the support hours presented )

This information should be made available to the support lines , there should be no need to involve several levels of supports and management to provide the information : by Design

So I just wanted to say : Spend the money on higher bandwidth rather then a support call 


Have a nice day !


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