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This Blog provides information and experiences from an administrator’s view working since 2009 in a hosted / multi-tenant Exchange Server environment. The purpose of this blog is to share solutions and workarounds we have worked out or implemented in our daily work with Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Many solutions can be used in an OnPremise ( not shared ) Exchange environment as well. Please see a description of the main differences under MutliTenant VS. OnPremise.

Spending hours on search engines to track down the source of a certain problem is, unfortunately, part of an Exchange admin’s life.
Sometimes there is pressure in your neck since a given situation can affect the mail flow and businesses of customers and a solution is required ASAP.

For this reason, it is a big help when you are able to find an article or post on the internet where someone had a similar problem and you get at least an entry point that points to the possible source of the problem. In the best case, you get a solution or workaround.

I made this blog with the thoughts in mind mentioned above and wrote down several solutions and workarounds for problems we got confronted with over the years. Hopefully, it contributes to spare some time or solve a problem for someone sitting in the same boat.

Thank you for your interest!


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