Zoom Quit Unexpectedly Cannot Start Meeting

Zoom Quit Unexpectedly

Hello, fellow Zoom users! Yesterday I had a problem where Zoom quit unexpectedly a couple of seconds after I launched the application on a Windows 10 Version 20H2 machine.

Nonetheless, I was able to log in and noticed that the Zoom quit unexpectedly message returned permanently. Starting a meeting was not possible and I could not access the settings.

Updating graphic card drivers had no effect, Zoom kept crashing. The solution was simple once I got some hints from the Zoom log.

I’ll keep it short:

Scenario: You start Zoom and a couple of seconds after you started it the following message appears:

Zoom Quit Unexpectedly

You are able to log in but the Zoom quit unexpectedly message reappears and you are not able to start a meeting or get into the settings. No events are written into the application log.

However, I was sure Zoom logs something so I started to google the location of the logs and found this.

You can find the logs under the path below:


Open the crashrpt.xml and focus on the information within the exception tags.
The following lines gave me a hint:

Zoom Crash Report

This is the base for the next Google query. Search for:

quartz.dll 0xc0000005

Soon or later you will find this article where the comment of DaedalusWONG will point you to Microsoft Power Toys as the culprit.

A more detailed description of this Power Toys bug can be found here.

Indeed, I have Power Toys version v0.49.1 installed.

Open Power Toys as an admin and disable Video Conference Mute:

Disabel Video Conference Mute Power Toys

Disabling Video Conference Mute solved the problem straight away.

I hope this compiled information helps when you run into this problem and need a fast solution.
Stay healthy!
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