Email address no longer valid

E-Mail address no longer valid!

An email address no longer valid message appears in Outlook as mailtip on certain internal recipients. The message reads as follows :

We won’t be able to deliver this message because the email address is no longer valid.

Additionally calendar delegates are not able to access the calendar of the person whose mail address displays the mailtip after it has been chosen from the GAL.

The Global Address List obtains the recipient’s address from the following fields which represent all the same attribute :

  • AD : Under user properties – General – E-mail field
    email address is no longer valid
  • AD :  Under user attributes – Attribute Editor
    email address is no longer valid
  • Exchange Server – WindowsEmailAdress attribute
    Query the WindowsEmailAddress attribute and the PrimarySMTPAddress :

    Get-Mailbox -Identity | select windowsemailaddress, primarysmtpaddress, emailaddresses


The value of the mentioned fields should be the same as the PrimarySMTPAddress or should at least contain an alias address from emailaddresses.  Otherwise the email address no longer valid message will be displayed as mailtip.

If you have just a few affected recipients it is easier to just paste the PrimarySMTPAddress into the E-mail field under the general tab of user properties.

When this issue occurs with more recipients you may want to change it in bulk by setting the WindowsEmailAddress to the same value as the PrimarySMTPAddress.
In our case this problem occurred when a customer initially synchronized an OU via our Microsoft Identity Management server. Later he changed the PrimarySMTPAddress for all his mailboxes on our platform but left the initial synchronized E-mail address in the source AD.
So the initial address got synchronized again overwriting the changes.

Hope it helps when an email address no longer valid message starts to get on your user’s nerves.

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  1. A variation of this worked for my customer. They added the address in the mail attribute as a proxy SMTP address. Thanks for the tip!

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