Join AD Domain Server Core – Server 2019

Join AD Domain Server Core - Server 2019

Part 3: Join AD Domain Server Core

This is Part 3 of how to Prepare a Hyper-V Exchange 2019 Lab and this post named Join AD Domain Server Core describes exactly what the name suggests:  We will join Windows Server 2019 Core ( Exchange2019 ) to the Domain we have set up in Part 2

1 -Join AD Domain Server Core – Join Server 2019 Core to AD domain:

Logon to Exchange2019 ( Windows Server 2019 Core ) and type:

> sconfig > Choose 1  > Choose (D)omain
Join Windows Server 2019 AD Domain> type in the name of the domain to join. In this case testlab.local.

You will need to provide the credentials of the domain admin user.

When asked if you want to rename the computer before restart do so if not already done otherwise click:

No > Restart

Your domain ( testlab.local ) should be pingable now from this server.

2 -Manage Server Core from AD Server Manager via GUI:

Log on to AD2019 ( Windows Server 2019 Desktop Experience ) and open Server Manager
Go to:

> Dashboard > Add other servers to manage

Choose the DNS tab and write in the server name of the Exchange 2019 server ( Exchange2019 ):

> Add the server and click OK.

Exchange2019 will now appear in All Server ready to be managed with the following options to your disposal:

Join AD Domain Server Core - Server 2019

Before we start to install Exchange Server 2019 on Windows Server 2019 Core ( Exchange 2019 ) let’s check the system requirements and prerequisites covered in Part 4:

Exchange Server 2019 Prerequisites



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