Install Active Directory Role Server 2019

Install Active Directory Role Server 2019

Part 2: Install Active Directory Role Server 2019

In order to install Exchange 2019 on Windows Server 2019 core, we will need an Active Directory Server promoted to a Domain Controller. In Part 1 we already have prepared 2 VMs running Windows Server 2019 Desktop Experience ( AD2019 ) and Windows Server 2019 Core ( Exchange2019 ).

1 -Install Active Directory Role on Server 2019 ( Desktop Experience )

Log in to the AD server and get rid of the nasty stuff + some preparation:

Disable IE enhanced security:
Server Manager > Local Server > IE Enhanced Security Configuration > Disable for Administrators.

Change performance settings for best performance:
Control Panel > System > Advanced Systems Settings > Performance ( Settings ) > Adjust for best performance

Set the hostname: ( AD2019 in my case )
Control Panel > System > Advanced Systems Settings > Tab Computer Name > Change Host Name  > Restart

Configure a static IP address and Default Gateway on the NIC of the default switch:

The Default Gateway and preferred DNS IPs point to the HyperVisor default IP which NATs to the NIC of the host machine.

Server 2019 Static IP

Install Active Directory Role on Windows Server 2019 (AD2019) and further required features.

Use Roles and Features Wizard:

> Server Manager > Dashboard > Add roles and features > Next

Installation Type:

> Choose Role-based or feature-based installation > Next

Server Selection:

> Select a server from the server pool ( AD2019 ) > Next

Server Roles:

> Select Active Directory Domain Services and click Add Features > NextInstall Active Directory Role on Windows Server 2019


> Keep it default and click Next

AD DS ( Active Directory Domain Services ):

> Next


> Tick in Restart the destination server automatically if required > Install


> Wait for the install to finish and promote the server to a domain controller

Server 2019 Promote to DC

2 -Configure the Domain Controller

Deployment Configuration:

> Add a new forest and specify the root domain name > NextServer 2019 Add New Forest

Domain Controller Options

> Keep the default functional levels  and settings and type a Restore Mode password > Next

DNS Options:

> Ignore the Warning, don’t change anything and click Next

Additional Options:

> The NetBIOS name will be pulled automatically. No ToDos > Next


> Keep the default paths > Next

Review Options:

> Review your selections > Next

Prerequisites Check:

> When all prerequisite checks passed successfully, ignore the Warnings and click Install

Server 2019 DC Prerequsites Check


> The server will restart. After the restart, you will be able to sign in as a domain administrator.

After login with the built-in administrator account, I was not able to open the  network adapter options via right click on the taskbar > Open Network & Internet settings >  Ethernet > Change adapter Options:

Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file.
You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.

It was possible though to open the network adapter properties the old school way:

Control Panel  > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings

You can find some workarounds on this TechNet forum:

I worked around this issue creating a new domain admin user by copying the built-in administrator:

After login with the new admin, the adapter options can be opened via the network icon in the taskbar.

In Part 3 we will join the 2nd VM running Windows Server 2019 Core to the domain:

Join Windows Server Core 2019 to AD Domain


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