New Throttling Policy Exchange 2013 / 2016

New Throttling Policy

In an Exchange server 2013 / 2016 Multi-Tenant environment you cannot specify a New Throttling Policy on organization level anymore. ( As it was possible in a Hosted Exchange 2010 environment )
3 scopes can be specified for the new Throttling Policy, where the first scope is the global scope and represents the Out Of The Box default GlobalThrottlingPolicy.

The default GlobalThrottlingPolicy should never be changed or altered. All further Throttling Policies you create are based on this policy and are an exact copy of it. So when you want to implement a new Throttling Policy you have the following two scope choices:

Organization : will be autom. active on all mailboxes within your organization
Regular : will be active on mailbox level and needs to be directly assigned to mailboxes.

We will create now an Exchange wide new Throttling Policy , which raises the concurrent OWA sessions an Outlook Web App user can have against the Exchange Server to 10, using the parameter: -OwaMaxConcurrency. The default value is 5.

This policy , once set up , will apply to all mailboxes in your Exchange Server environment :

New-ThrottlingPolicy -Name “YourPolicyName” -ThrottlingPolicyScope Organization -OwaMaxConcurrency 10

Now we will create the same ThrottlingPolicy on mailbox level, where we limit the concurrent OWA sessions a Web App user can have to 3 :

New-ThrottlingPolicy -Name “YourPolicyNameOnMailboxLevel” -ThrottlingPolicyScope Regular -OwaMaxConcurrency 3

The new Throttling Policy needs to be directly assigned to the mailbox of choice :

Multi Tenant Environment :

Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit¬† “TenantName” -Identity “MailboxName”¬† | Set-Mailbox -ThrottlingPolicy “YourPolicyNameOnMailboxLevel”

OnPremise Environment :

Get-Mailbox¬† -Identity “MailboxName” | Set-Mailbox -ThrottlingPolicy “YourPolicyNameOnMailboxLevel”

The mailbox level part applies to Exchange 2010 /2013 / 2016 . For a hosted Exchange 2010 environment you want to replace -OrganizationalUnit with -Organization !

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