Delayed calendar content display Outlook

Delayed calendar content display

When your Outlook Client connects to an Exchange 2016 server and you have one or more shared calendars within your Outlook profile, it can happen that you experience a delayed calendar content display.  It looks like the calendar is loading.

This is caused by when Outlook tries several variants of autodiscover requests when establishing a connection. This can be solved by excluding time-consuming autodiscover lookups on client side.

The following 2 registry keys can be implemented to get around this behaviour :

DWORD 32 bit ExcludeHttpsRootDomain  1
DWORD 32 bit ExcludeHttpsAutoDiscoverDomain 1

Setting this key solved all issues we had users experiencing a delayed calendar content display in Outlook.

Please make sure to use the appropriate path for your Office version when navigating through the registry.

Office Versions :
2010 = 14.0
2013 = 15.0
2016 = 16.0

When setting up a new profile in Outlook and autodiscover takes ages please take a look at :

Outlook autodiscover takes a very long time

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